Ue4 and nvidia

Hello eversione, I’m new in this world. Can someone help me to understand a little thing? I’d want to use nvidia features; i read somewhere that there is a branch named allfeatures on github instead several branch like flex, waveworks, vxgi etc…; is it true? If yes, where is it? Otherwise, how can i integrate everything? Thank you for answers!

Yes there is a merged branch of NVIDIA techs available for 4.9.2 and soon for 4.11. check out my signature for the location.

I see! Thank you! I will stay update with you!

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How long can be updated the NVIDIA GameWorks to 4.11 or 4.11.1? thank!

No idea, theres quite a few changes to work around. My first version will not have Turbulence or VXGI in it. As I am going to wait for Alexey to upgrade the VXGI branch to 4.11 before I merge it in as I am far behind on that one.

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