UE4 and content + levels, how do they work ?

Hi all

I’m pretty new to this kind of stuff and was wondering how assets work like do you model stuff in the engine or do you use a external 3d software like Blender or something.
Take for instance the pillars in the Temple (mobile) demo are they made in the engine or in 3d software ?
At first they are simple blocks and later nice pillars as seen in the “Intro to level Design”
So basically why and when do you use 3d software for assets ?

Also i am pretty confused about levels like do you build youre whole game in a single level or are there multiple levels (which is my geuss and i believe the Project is the complete game, right ?)
But if so my next question is, how are levels then connected ? like how does the game go from level 1 to level 2 ?

Thanks in advance

To make your answer short yes, most of the assets created for a game are made in 3D Modeling Programs for example like, 3ds Maya, 3dsMax,blender and so forth. When creating levels you have two options either make a complete map and use a technique called level streaming or you can make different maps and connect them together through Unreal’s Kismet or the new Blueprint feature in UE4.

The basic outliners of the map can be created with BSP brushes -> after that you create meshes in your 3d program -> then create the materials -> place it into the level

Level streaming is mostly just used in open world maps, so it always depends on which type of level you want to create

So BSP Brushes are more used for like design reasons (placeholders) instead of being in the final game if i understand correctly ?
You replace all the BSP Brushes with meshes basically ?

Mainly BSP brushes are used to block out the player -> so for very simple geometry, but it is not recommended to use them, because you are pretty limited with them and they aren’t so good for the performance.

Oke i see thanks for youre time !!

Hi IndieWillem,

There are multiple ways to work when it comes to what you want to achieve with your levels. There are some right ways and some wrong ways of doing things but as you said you are “new to this kind of stuff.” Overtime you’ll figure out what works best for you in your levels. Below are some links to get you started on some of what you were asking about levels.

The first is a link to our documentation that goes over our process here at Epic for making levels. Level Design Documentation

If you want to experiment with the level Jim Brown in the video was using with all the passes you can check it out by starting up the Content Examples from Marketplace > Open Level > “Leveldesign_Workflow.”

If you want to know more about the Level Streaming that Fighter was talking about you can also find this under the Content Examples > Open Level > “Level_Streaming.” This level will give you an idea of how level streaming works and how you can use it to your advantage.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and we’ll all help you out!



Awesome Tim thanks !!! Diving in it now :wink: