UE4 - AI jumps too fast, what can i do?

Once an AI jumps, if jump Z velocity is for example 1,000… AI makes an ultra fast jump… it dissappears, then you can see it falling, my other “Jump/falling” settings are at default, ¿how may i reduce the jump speed? not sure if i´m doing it wrong i just wanted the AI to jump higher, but not to make an ultra fast movement to reach that height

Also: i had a similar issue with falling rocks, if i hit them, they project to a direction up, but they fall like leaves… pretty slow… how to make them fall fast, once they reached the peak of the height?


This is totally a hack workaround, but you could adjust the gravity while they’re jumping. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get that idea, but, what you imply is that there is not a solution directly from movemment component?