UE4.9 + GearVR + Note 4 Exynos + Android 5.1.1

My officially GearVR supported Note 4 just updated to Android 5.1.1 and there are a whole lot of GearVR problems with the combination listed in the thread topic.

One big problem related to UE4: The inputs are pressed repeatably - it appears like the touch screen is getting pressed all the time by the headset when it’s inserted - it does not appear to be blocking the screen inputs anymore? Strangely this does not appear to be effecting other apps only my UE4 app
Anyone else able to reproduce this with the new Android 5.1.1 update?

Another strange GearVR 5.1.1 update with the Exynos chipset, unrelated to UE4, is a fade to black of every app after a few seconds of starting. By pressing the touchpad the app returns as usual - anyone else experiencing this??? Really thinking of downgrading back to 5.0.1 :frowning:

EDIT: IT is not possible to downgrade!! :frowning:

EDIT: fixed by uninstalling all oculus gearvr related services and starting the gearvr installation from scratch - now everything is working perfectly again :slight_smile: