UE4 4.25 Steam Issue

Issue has been logged

For those wondering, it is still possible to run steam without needing to package. The Standalone Game no longer runs the Steam overlay, but here’s at least 3 other ways to do it:

  1. Run the game from Visual Studio using debug/development config or debug/development editor config with “-game” as extra command argument in the debugging section of your project properties.

  2. Run the game using the project launcher in editor. You can either use the Launch option directly or make your custom launching profile for the platform you are trying to run the game on. Unfortunately, this requires cooking the content which may take some time.

  3. Run the game from command line.

It’s slower than just using the Standalone button, but it’s at least an alternative.

I had a quick look at the release notes for v4.25 and this showed up. Can someone who knows what they are doing help me with what I have to do?

it is worked by using “-game” as extra command argument

Well this certainly explains the last five hours of tearing my hair out.

Edit: Another workaround is right-clicking the .uproject file and hitting “Launch Game” from there, uses the editor binaries looks like so no build time.

From the release note

so go to your DefaultEngine.ini and add

and try launch game by right click on (.uproject) file.

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When I right-click and Launch Game off of my .uproject per roxa’s tip, I can get the Steam overlay to come up, no problems there. But if I package it as a dev or shipping build, I get nothing at all - unlike OverRated’s experience. (And nothing from the editor, same as everybody else). It doesn’t work trying from an elevated command prompt either. I’m a little confused about where to put the “-game” switch… Are you guys talking about in a shortcut to test in the editor, or on an actual build? I’d like to get Steam running off a packaged game where I can send it to others to help test multiplayer, and not just playing / launching from the editor binaries… that’s a giant mess.


Everyone with the same problem please vote to be fixed: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-92985)

Sigh, just updated to 4.25.3 kinda hoped this would be fixed by now, please vote the above

I’m having this same issue on 4.25.3.
Could this have anything to do with the new feature where you can launch more than a single StandAlone game from the editor?

Hey there, same problem here, 4.25.3.
Just voted to fix the issue and wanted to add my voice to this thread.
Can’t use in standalone and packaged game crashes when trying to create a session.
The last few versions of the engine have really been broken as hell, and migrating is becoming more of a nightmare every time now <sigh>
Anyone know if 4.25.4 is on the road or do we have to wait for 4.26 ?

I had your same issue, I think I solved it by moving the steam plugins from the UE Engine folder to a Plugins folder in the project directory. I’m not sure if the same would apply to you.

I can’t find anywhere any info on how we are supposed to setup the Steam plugins, so I’m not entirely sure that I did something that makes any sense, but it seems to work!

You can get the SteamCore:: plugin, it includes a fix for 4.25 that enables you to use steam in Standalone.

I think paying 80+ euros to have this fix is a bit too much. Useless advice, honestly.

I also encounter this problem; cannot bring up steam overlay using hotkey Shift + Tab. Found this: UE 4.25 Dedicated Server Steam Sessions Not Working - UE4 AnswerHub

Scroll down to bottom. Link suggests adding game to steam library. This worked for me, I can bring up steam overlay.

Using 4.25.3. Built game as Shipping. Have subsystem and substeamSteam plugins enabled. And DefaultEngine.ini has the code that the documentation offers.

I’d like to add my experience with the steam overlay as of 4.25.3. I had to switch to fullscreen, after that, the steam overlay was working fine again.

Can you please elaborate on what folders you moved to the project? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t seem to be a lot of good news in the 4.26 release notes regarding improvements here. Anybody try it yet?

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Im getting the exact same symptoms. Im not sure where to go from here. Has this been resolved? If so, how ?

There is no method that could help me. Maybe I did something wrong.
But if you still have problems with getting Steam-overlay working in Standalone, you can use my free simple editor plugin that fixes that
Just place it in Plugins folder of your project (If it doesn’t exist, then create new one)
Download link