UE4 4.13 Matinee extremely bright on export

Whenever I render my movie in UE4, for some reason the scene becomes extremely bright. It doesn’t look at all like it does in the view port or in game. If I were to delete the skylight in the scene, then it matches. Is there a fix for this? I can’t remove the skylight as it is vital to the scene. I’ve searched and I’ve found a couple questions about this on Answerhub dating back to 2015, but no answer from the unreal staff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Had the same problem. Here is the solution :slight_smile: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/210507/sky-sphere-reflections-bug-in-matinee-movie.html#answer-210583

Edit: Fix by update skylight

I tried that as well, didn’t seem to do anything. I ended up having to lower the skylight intensity - which made it darker in the viewport but close to the original when the matinee exported. Thanks anyways though. =)