UE4 4.11.1 GearVR submission validator

The build process succeeds when making a submission build for GearVR but when I run it through the oculus validator it says “is not built with SDK version v1.0.0 (or newer)”. I’ve made submissions builds with the oculus fork of 4.10.4 before with it working fine but went with 4.11.1 to fix an issue that I was getting with the S6 and the Marshmallow OS update.

Please post this as bug on AnswerHub and if it is a bug Epic will fix it. If it’s not a bug, they will recommend a solution.

Is there any news on this? Posting the link here if you’ve posted to AnswerHub will assist others who are looking with the same issue.

Just saw this. It ended up being user error, I think I tried to validate an out of date apk. I re built the apk and it validated just fine, which in hind sight wasn’t necessary.