(UE4-27) Procedural Mesh don't work correctly with line traces

Hello, it seems, that Line Traces don’t work properly with procedural meshes, if you want to use complex collision.

What i want to do is following:

  1. trace an procedural mesh component with a line trace and slice it in half.
  2. trace both halfes and slice them again.

Everything works fine with simple collision. I can slice the resulting meshes as much as i want.
But for some Meshes i would like to use complex collision.
I tried two Methods to get it to work.
The first attempt was to activate “Trace Complex” in the line-trace-node.
The second attempt was to instead deactivate “trace complex” and instead use the option “complex as simple collision” for the procedural mesh.

In both cases the result is the same: The initial procedural mesh is cut correctly, but then the resulting parts are being ignored by further line traces.
Only when i completly use simple collision (“trace complex” deactivated, “complex as simple collision” deactivated), it seems to work fine.
Am i missing something? Might this be a bug?