UE4.26 or unreal engine 5 on Storm OS

Has any one been able to get unreal engine 4 or 5 working on Storm OS? When trying to get unreal engine 4 working it says it wouldn’t work because Storm OS is using clang version 13 and it would only compile I think with 6 or 7. I will have to the errors later I am doing this from my phone because my internet died.

With unreal engine 5 it is trying to register Unreal but cant I think it said something like /ect/ os register line 1 cooper invalid.

I had Unreal Engine working on Pop OS which was what I was using before Storm OS. I remember seeing a video of someone using UE5 on Manjaro so I am hopeful that it will work.

I will try to get the actual errors when I get internet back and post them.

Thanks for any help.

Here are the errors I am getting with UE 4.27