UE4.26 - Mouse for actor rotations stops working, and works only If I hold a mouse button, why?

Hi, after packaging my project I found a bug or an issue, that causes the mouse to sometimes stop working and work only If I hold a button,

The times it stops working, I can see the cursor on screen (clicking the screen doesn’t fix it), The times it does work I can not see any mouse cursor,

Some times, when I start the exact same level, suddenly the cursor appears on screen, then… I can not control the view and rotate, I can only move with the keyboard W A S D buttons, the only way to rotate is to press a mouse button and hold it, for example: left mouse button, but as soon as I stop holding it, the cursor appears on screen again, rotation of the camera view stops working and I can actually move the mouse off from that screen to my secondary screen, this problem happens 70% of the time and I can only restart the level to fix it.

What can I do?

Sounds like you’re in mode UI, you need to be in Game.

I assume you’ve been tinkering with the nodes:


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After testing this for a week, this solution worked for me, thanks!

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