UE4.26 -Cinematic Dilatation adds blur, why?

Hi, I have this fast animation and cinematic since UE4.26, I do not use post process, and now that I updated my project to UE4.26, whenever I use dilatation fro slow-mo if the actor was originally moving fast… the sequencer adds a natural blur, the problem here is that this blur… it is too intense, what can I do to remove or lower the blur?

You’d probably do better to post this in another part of the forums like cinematics or rendering. You’ve posted in Blueprint Visual scripting which has nothing to do with your situation. Also you said 4.26 in both engine versions :stuck_out_tongue:
My guess though is you’ve got motion blur turned on. Try turning it off.

Yes, my mistake, not UE4.26, but UE4.19 to UE 4.26, I handle all my Cinematic with blueprints, I thought it might had something to do.