UE4.23 BUG REPORT - Cull Distance not working.

Hi, I found a weird bug in UE4.23 wich affects FPS, Cull Distance is not working for every instance of the same type, for example, if i add a mesh to foliage type, like a rock and then i Paint 10K of them, set Cull Distance max to 3,000; some of these same foliage type do work, but others are always visible from any distance, this is very weird, because it is the same foliage type, i simply used 1 for the sake of this test,

I actually didn´t notice at all until i ways flying over a landscape, and i was able to see rocks, wich should be imposible at that distance, since i only had 3 types,and all them were set to cull distance max 5,000 so i figure out, that an small percentage of one same type was never hidding, while a large percentage does hide, then i changed the “mesh” of that type to be certain, it actually modified that mesh wich was never hidding, then i deleated all foliage types, except that one, and same problem.

Please help!