UE4.21 Server stops fixing client transform changes

After some testing with the latest ue4 version (4.21) I found that the server will fixing the transform of an object if it has not changed for a fixed amount of time (on the server).

Unsure if this is expected behavior however, replicated actors are now able to have their transform changed on clients and the server not fixing it.

To test:

  • Create an actor and set it to
    replicate & replicate movement
  • On non-server clients move the object
  • Printing the Actor location on
    both server and client will show a

Apparently this happens in other versions as well and might be an intended functionality. There does seem to be a significant difference between 4.19 and 4.21 on how the server replicates this over. In 4.19; when i drop a replicated actor and apply forces to it(on the server), it is almost 100% the same as the client and stops at the same position for both. In 4.21; the same setup results in the item “Glitching” a lot when applying forces and stops close, but not at the same position as the server. Would like to know if i am missing some setting or something similar. (i have tried tweaking the new project settings for actor replication)