UE4.2 Blueprint Help

Hi guys,

I’m trying to learn blueprint in UE4 and I’ve been using the blueprint tutorials that Epic have provided. I’ve run into a problem where, as I understand it, “toggle visibility” is no longer an option leaving me very lost for what to do. I’d really appreciate some advice on how to turn a light on/off in blueprint in 4.2 - is it simply that I need to add one different component that does the same job as “toggle visibility”? Or has the entire process changed eg. I no longer disable visibility in render settings to turn it on/off.

I can’t find any word from Unreal if they will update the videos or annotate the clips on YouTube but it’d really hep since a few things now seem to be different in 4.2



I just checked and toggle visibility is still there, I assume you’re doing the blueprint tutorial for turning the light on/off. Make sure that you’re dragging the pin from light variable (the blue circle next to the variable you got when you dragged from the variables panel in this case) and not from an execution node (the white arrow on inputs and events) or right-clicking. Hope this helps.

The UE4 BP system is very context sensitive depending on what field you’re dragging off of a node, so you have to be very aware of that.