UE4.19 - How to posses another AI character´s camera only, to be able to rotate around?

Hi, i want to posses an AI character´s camera, not the character itself… it has to continue been played by AI, i only want to be able to posses other character´s cameras, so i can watch that character and also rotate around them, the problem with posess is that AI stops working and you get that characters entire control and i dont want that, to avoid it i used then “set view target with blend” but with this function i can only watch… but i canot rotate around nor control camera at all.

Please help, if possible share BP images, thanks

Just attach the player camera to the AI. “Attach Component To”

I dont think its going to work, i´m using an RTS camera, i want to click my hero, then my camera goes down automatically and becomes attached to that hero, so i can watch it while it is walking around and been controlled by AI, but i want my camera to be able to rotate around my hero too, then click another button, detach and restore my RTS original camera position, i haven´t found ANY video tutorial at all for this… really sad

So you want to toggle between an RTS camera, and a third-person camera attached to a pawn?

I’d follow SkeetonYu’s advice, and attach the player camera component to a third person camera boom, when you want to spectate the pawn.

Ok, ill try, yes i would like to spectate my AI character, could you please upload a BP still image to see how it Works?

I dont understand how to click from my RTS camera, then go automatically to my AI character, rotate around while locked, click again, detach and smoothly return to RTS top location from that pawn, and i haven´t found any YouTube tutorial or any other at any site, thats why i started using possesion and set view.

Please, i would very much appreciate it