UE4.19.2 Video Card Error

When starting UE4.19.2, it shows this error message:

What do I do?

you tell us what video card you have so we can tell you if that error is legit or not.

As @Luos requested, please provide us some details on your computer. The easiest way is to provide us with a DxDialog report.

To create it click start and type dxdiag then press enter, then click the Save All Information button, and then attach a copy of it to your post using the small paperclip button above the textbox when posting here.

This will let us see what hardware and software you have installed, and will help us figure out why this is occurring.

Also, have you ever been able to launch the editor before?

Thank you!

i have core 2 duo 2 GB RAM 180 GB hard nividia getforce 310 windows 10 pro plz tell me what can i do?