UE4.18 crash after loading the project

When I open my project recently created, the editor reach 100%, and crash.

Here is the log file :

Other people have had this issue on multiple UE4 versions. Uninstalling the graphics drivers (use DDU) and reinstalling them seems to have solved it for some of them.

See here for example: Unreal Engine Editor crashes upon starting - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks !! I will try later :smiling_face:

It don’t work. I have the same problem after reinstall my GPU drivers.
Note: I have intel HD 4000, and before January UE4 has no problem.
Sorry for the mistakes

Run UE4 with -d3d10 args. It will work

If this is what your GPU supports, then I guess you have no alternatives.

Yes, my GPU isn’t designed for what i am doing…