[UE4.15] ParticleSystem: Gaps in Location Distribution using Burst Spawn

Hi everyone,

according to How-to-place-single-GPU-particles-at-specified-locations I try spawn a large number of particles in a row (i.e. 16384) on the GPU, because on CPU the number of particles is limited to 1000. I’m using Burst to spawn all the particles only once, so I don’t need to create them over and over again. I’m using Distribute Over NPoints and Distribute Threshold to set the correct location, which seems not to be working pretty well.

[table=“width: 500, align: left”]

Component Overview:

Required> Rendering
Initial Location > Location

Spawn > Spawn + Burst


Even for small cases like 10 particles I don’t get every particle in place.

The problem is, if not all particles are in their correct place, the corresponding point in the point cloud won’t be rendered as well. I hope you can help me.