UE4.13: Video always playing full screen with Media Player on Android

Using the new Media Player in UE4.13, I can play a video mapped to a textured surface in the world in the editor and in the mobile preview.

However, whenever run a packaged application on an Android device, it plays the video in full screen. This happens in both GearVR and a default Android projects.

Is there some deployment setting I’m missing?


Which device (model, android version, etc)? I haven’t seen this in testing; since the resulting video frame is in the texture it should only render on the meshes using the material sampling it.

Thanks for the quick reply!

It looks like I got it working. It may be because I now load the map referencing / playing the video as a sub level. This seems a bit suspicious so I’m going to investigate further to try and find the actual breaking scenario.

I will post my findings here.