ue4.12.5 to 4.15.1

I’ve moved a project over to 4.15.1 but for some reason the player character no longer responds to controls so no longer moves forward etc.

For some reason the mouse controls work to position the camera but not the keyboard or gamepad commands.

I’ve looked at project settings and the key bindings seem similar to what they were in 4.12, but i cant figure out why they wont work!

-Hmm, normally this happens when the keybinding is not exactly the same as before → check it again
-open your character blueprint and check if the part with the input/movement is still there + you dont get any errors/warnings
-how have you updated your project to 4.15? → dragged and dropped your files into a 4.15 project or have you dont it with the “version change” setting (right click on the uproject file - switch version) :slight_smile: – depending on how you have updated the project, it could might be that you have lost some asset references

Hi Fighter,

keybinding is exactly the same as before
I’ve opened up version 4.15 of the editor after installing it and then tried to open a 4.12 project using open >> project, it stated its safer to open a copy in a 4.15 version which I did.

I’d appreciate any help mate.

Even so, you could Export the Input settings to an *.ini and use a diff tool to compare them etc.

Meantime for mouse / key / gamepad buttons that don’t work anymore I’d Add a Breakpoint (F9).
Place it just after the receiving event of InputAction-Fire / InputAxis-Thrust or a keyboard-key…
Then step through that code and try and see what’s happening, it could be a type of corruption.

I regularly upgrade from 4.10 to 4.15 just by dragging Blueprints but only code never assets…
And so that I can keep both Editor and Project sessions open, I duplicate the BP assets first.
If there’s corruption it might help to do that, as it doesn’t really cost you anything trying etc.

I’m not sure how to do that

Ok, now whats happened is that on pressing play in the editor, I have to first click the mouse in the viewport then it gives both mouse and key controls.

Is there anyway of changing this so it works without having to first click in the viewport?