UE4.10 Matinee Export Sequence from selected point

Hi all,

Just a quick question but it seems like in UE4.9 one could move the cursor in the matinee to whatever position and export a sequence/movie from that point instead of rendering from the start (this is good for making film passes for re-edits in one’s film program) - However it always seems to render from the start point in the sequence… any ideas? I have selected play on level load as per usual but as said, I can’t render a sequence out from a selected frame point.

Maybe this is a bug but if anyone knows please let me know.


Hey, seems like it was a bug in my system. After returning to it in the morrow the force start position worked which is very cool. Dunno what happened there but seems to be solved. Well done UE4 guys for allowing custom frame size for exporting image sequence, totally brilliant! Now we’ll all be in 4k!