ue3 to ue4 material?


I’ve exported a ue3 material to the two available formats .COPY (not sure what this actually is) and .t3d, unfortunately neither can be imported into UE4?

How do you guys import materials into UE4 and how do I get these materials in and working?

I’d really appreciate your help.



Someones got to know the answer to this?!

Any chance you can re make it in ue4? If it’s not a really complex material you could do it

It’s a pretty complex material that was done ages ago by someone else and I’m trying to recreate it.

It’s also using a series of components that look pretty different to those in ue4

You can achieve the same result in ue4 even if it’s different.
Maybe share the graph of the material or something, I’m pretty sure the only way of solving this is by remaking the material