UE3 online documentation down [RESOLVED]

Hi, I am a dev working on a UE3 project. The online documentation has been down for some time.

Please could an Epic employee respond regarding the state of this documentation, as it is extremely important for those of us still working with the engine?


Thanks for reporting this.

Confirming that currently gives a 404 error. I’m escalating this to the correct individuals.

Thank you for your prompt response. Much appreciated.

And if possible, please poke them again as the search option of the archived udk forums is still not working after months.Here is the thread with related info.

Cheers Ellis

I’ve confirmed that the docs are up and running at a different URL than I originally specified -

O_and_N, the search issue has just recently been re-assigned to a different web developer to investigate, so hopefully it sees some movement soon.

[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] Thanks. I see the documentation back up now. Thank you very much!

Works great now :wink:
Sadly the udn UE3 online documentation is 404 again. May I ask, are the attaks coming back again or is it a internal thing.


Probably an internal thing. Looking into it.

UPDATE: It was just an internal issue. Fixed now.