UE3 and UE4 swarm agent same machine

So, we are trying to use a build of UE3 and a build of UE4 swarm agents on the same farm machines. We are kind of hopping back and forth between UE3 and UE4 for various projects so ideally we want swarm to use whatever engine when resources are available.

Will simply separating the ports for the coordinator and the swarm agent for both engines be enough to run multiple swarm agents and coordinators on the same machines? We have tried to do this and so far the best we have gotten is leaving UE3’s swarm config alone and in UE4 we changed the coordinator to port 8010 and the agents to 8011. What happens now is swarm connects to the coordinator fine, but then as soon as it says starting the build, it holds there forever saying starting up swarm connection 100%. The ports in cmd prompt are showing up as listening so it seems like nothing is being blocked. Is there more than just the 2 config files under binaries for the swarm agent and coordinator. Any more info on this matter would be awesome.


Nothing? Saad ):