UE Startup Crash

Hey guys,

When I’m trying to open my project the engine crashes.
I know what’s causing it but not how to fix it so I’m seeking help.

The issue started when I disabled the Victory plugin by Rama that I’ve used in a Blueprint. I did not remove the Blueprint that used the plugin so I guess that’s the problem.

How can I fix this problem, please let me know, my whole project is inaccessible now.

Hi Serellyn,

If you go to your project filepath at \Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\content\ you should be able to find and pull the blueprint that is using the plugin.

Thank you Adam for that insight. However the problem was located elsewhere, which I should’ve thought of before.
To Install the Victory plugin you need to put some lines in the DefaultEngine.ini

So I removed those lines:


And now it all works again, so good news :slight_smile:
Maybe something to address at the Engine to check for stuff like this? Just a simple ‘You are addressing a disabled plugin in your configuration’ or something would help a lot for future people I think :wink:

But thanks Adam!