UE Phone home?

Hi all

I played around with packaging on the mac (using the RealisticRendering demo) and noticed that each time I close the packaged game, it tries to connect to the server “”, see firewall log below:
Reverse DNS Name
Established by /Users/mbo/Documents/Unreal Projects/RealisticRendering/MacNoEditor/Engine/Binaries/Mac/
Process ID 55675

Why exactly is it doing that?


It’s the NSA masquerading as Epic games :D, don’t have any explosions going off in the level, otherwise you’ll have Navy seals smashing in your windows :slight_smile:

Could be just the Hardware Survey.

I had the same “issue” with a demo I sent to a client for testing (serious games), he didn’t take it as humorously :wink:

Probably, I would just like to know these things…

Me2, but i guess we have to dig into the source by ourselves to find out what it is.

Hi IMX. Would you mind posting this to our AnswerHub site with a copy of the game’s log file so that we can see if this is intended behavior? Thanks.

Hi Adric

I’ve already posted it on AnswerHub. I’ll try to dig out the game’s log and attach it there.


Here’s the log excerpt I suspect to be relevant here:

[2014.04.07-14.28.03:197]  3]LogEpicSurvey:Warning: EnumerateFiles request failed. Invalid response. code=403 error=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>F9D12941ABAF7CF7</RequestId><HostId>tQCLDqSZ6WY0t9KI1L7AjJVNIOP1HoLKFJL4EFVRZHKCm05hjRsLtZRT0H1GdE3ocpZx9UBl2Wk=</HostId></Error>
[2014.04.07-14.28.03:245]  4]LogHttp:Warning: connectionDidFinishLoading: 0x7fa4ca6cb980

The source seems to be “LogEpicSurvey”. The 403 is probably due to my firewall blocking the request.

I’ll add this to the AnswerHub request as well.