Ue crashes after light build

Hello everyone,

After my light build gets completed, UE crashes instantly. P![alt text][1]lease see the screenshot and let me know if anyone can figure out the cause.

Thank you.

The error ----- line 2457

// If there is no existing appropriate texture, create a new one.
			// If we have non-VT, need 2to1 aspect ratio to handle packing lightmap into top/bottom texture region
			// With only VT, better to use square lightmaps (better page table usage)
			Texture = new FLightMapPendingTexture(InWorld, NewTextureSizeX, NewTextureSizeY, bIncludeNonVirtualTextures ? ETextureLayoutAspectRatio::Force2To1 : ETextureLayoutAspectRatio::ForceSquare);
			Texture->Outer = PendingGroup.Outer;
			Texture->Bounds = PendingGroup.Bounds;
			Texture->LightmapFlags = PendingGroup.LightmapFlags;