UE as a 3D suite

Hi there!

My question goes about finding out if UE can be my future 3D suite, and I do understand UE is for creating games.

I started doing some hobby based 3D late 1990s up to medio 2000s. I then used Bryce, Poser and Carrara and some other small apps working to build landscape and character content. I layed it down totally in 2009, with a new attempt in 2015. In the latter attempt, I realised there were so many new thing happened in the world of 3D. I decided to learn Blender. I picked up Silo 3D for modelling and I were somehow familiar with DAZ3D and Poser. I turned it down after some time and did not get my heart into it then either.

I still want to do some landscape and character 3D content and my motivation is here with me again. I’ve planned so far to start learning Blender, installed together with Quixel and a trial of Character Creator. But as I have seen UE has come up on many playlist watching Blender videos, I’m thinking maybe UE might be the right thing for me. I see I have to think different with this real time rendering, but that is some fancy stuff. Can you save out videos and stills like you where rendering them i.e. Blender? Lets say I model what I want in Blender, creating characters in Character Creator and then assemble all in UE making landscape there and render? I have to learn UE and Blender anyhow, but wonder were to put my precious time down. Where would the workflow be more time saving?

Like to read your comments.


Unreal isn’t a 3D suite, it’s not meant to serve the same purpose of a program like Blender/3ds Max/Maya
It has some of the same features but it’s all ultimately to make a real time application
Now, if you’re doing some animations and you want to use Unreal to do that, it can certainly support it, but it depends on the project and if it can achieve the look you’re going for and if it has any advantage in that vs. using the built-in renderer in your 3D software.