UE-86606 4.24 fix?

I see that the target fix for the level origin shift bug is in 4.25, but is there a fix planned for those of us working in 4.24? We have a project that absolutely needs to use Level origin shifting and we’d rather not go through another engine upgrade for the team.

Seconded. This will affect any game using world origin shift (rebasing), as the editor will crash during testing or while designing levels with world composition.

Is there no 4.24.2 update planned? Jumping straight to 4.25?

If it is planned for 4.25 you will not see it in 4.24. So you would have to upgrade to 4.25 when it comes out.

Old thread, but I had the same problem with origin shifting crashing 4.24.3 and maybe someone needs a solution, too.

I solved it by taking the changes done for the fix in 4.25 and puting them into the source code version for 4.24.3 and compiling the engine from source, this worked beautifully, no more crashes.

Here are the chnages to the source files you’ll have to make: