UE 4-27 Impact Normals returned in AnimGraph are different?

I’m basically trying to integrate a system I came up with for controling speed on slopes…The Advanced Locomotion System already calculates the ATan2’s of the Impact Normal like I need them to be calculated…only problem is the Y and X seem to be inverted and It randomly speeds up as I’m going up a hill…it works perfectly flawless when I do this from the Player BP but the rotations done on the Impact Normal from the Animation blueprint are totally different then the exact same calculations done in from the Player BP and I have no clue why…

This is how they did their line trace:

This is how they did their calculation:

This is how I did my line trace:

This is how I did my calculation:

You’ll notice they did Y/Z from the AnimationGraph and that gives me the angle…I had to do X/Z to get the same angle from the PlayerBlueprint.

Now I’m trying to do this:

But when I do it from the animation blueprint I have to guess which direction is which, so I tried Y/Z instead of X/Z and X/Y instead of Y/X but when I point a Vector in that direction I get this:

When it should look like this:

If anyone could help me solve this problem I would really appreciate it.

Btw this is the direction the arrow points when I do my trig exactly ver-batim as I did it inside my PlayerBP…Totally broken…

So I feel special…I never took into consideration the fact that the angles would be different depending on the orientation of the slope. The method I was trying to use won’t work without it becoming too computationally expensive. I found another method though that doesn’t require Trigonometry though.