UE 4.26 Groom on mac not displaying

Hi - using the same alembic asset (with 2x groom plugins, and cache and tick settings on 4.26 as documentation specifies setup) import on Windows displays the Groom asset and on Mac it does not show. No errors on import log. Is there some extra setting, Xcode or other trick to get this working?

I REALLY want groom to work on my Mac as well. Would love some updates or information on this. the 4.26 update did show the groom import options but it’s empty after importing

I’m also on Mac, I tested on ParallelDesktop and Windows Bootcamp, the groom is visible on both but the graphics are really bad.

I do think that Epic didn’t work on a MacOS version of UE 4.26. (pretty sure they don’t care). So the only way, as for now, is to get an actual windows PC. Hopefully they will drop a supported version soon (Epic if you read me !!).

Same issue here.
I run the same project on the same hardware (MacPro 5.1 RX580) on either a BigSur 11.2.3 hard drive and on a separate Win10Pro legacy install hard drive : no groom on BigSur but it is visible using Win10Pro.
I really hope that Epic Games will look into this as recently Microsoft pushed a Windows update that screwed my configuration. Only BigSur is stable on my machine. I never experienced myself a Kernel Panic on MacOS but the Windows Blue screen of death, many times. Too many times…
And when as Unreal Engine/Epic evangelists, we want to continue to do so on the machine we paid a lot money for.
Thank you Epic for all the things you do for the community, no matter what OS we use, particularly UE5 which is amazingly stable on MacOS beside Nanite not working, so far !