UE 4.24 - Landscape Material Height Blend not working properly ?

Hi, I have a rough times setting up landscape material with height blend.

  1. I have a setup consisting of 2 textures and Landscape Layer Blend Node
  2. Layer Blend Node has 2 items - grass and rock, they both use LB Height Blend
  3. Alpha from textures is connected to height ( and I’m 100% that both textures have correct alpha, I checked that milion times )
  4. I created layer info objects

No matter what I do, landscape only shows one of the layers. It completly ignores height blend. The only method I got heightblend to work is to check ‘Use target value’, set a low value and paint manually - only then height map shows properly on top of weight blend. But I don’t want to paint landscape manually, Is there any way to make it working without a need to paint anything ?

Please checkout my setup on the attached screenshot. Please help me, I’ve spent whole day on this with no luck and tried milion combinations, nothing seems to work.