UE 4.19 Annoying bug, that meant to be fixed but somehow not.

Greetings everybody. Today I would like to share my UE4 struggle with you. Thing is, I’ve raised this issue in the past already, however, the issue is still very much there and still causing trouble.…on-posses.html

The most concerning thing about it is that it was stated the issue is being worked at and will be fixed in version 4.19, so I waited it out and unfortunately 4.19 didn’t fix said issue. All my further attempts were left unanswered, hence why i decided to make this a public issue, since it’s something so essential it can’t go unchecked, may aswel speed things up

As a fan of a game called Paragon, I’m very well aware of Epic’s habbit of leaving other projects behind in favor of more profitable projects, but I firmly believe that Unreal Engine should be in the top priority, since it’s quite literally a foundation to all other Epic’s projects, as well as many projects just in general, so I believe action should be taken and Epic should put not any less than 100% of their attention on this untill it gets Fixed.

Angry User.

Yeah, sometimes their service just bums you out.
If it makes you feel any better, there are others experiencing unfortunate changes and/or bugs as well. Including myself.
I keep getting this impression that they rushed into releasing 4.19. Granted, a newer version tends to be unstable, but some of the issues are just ridiculous.
Hope they get fixed…