UE 4.17 constantly crashes, project "destroyed".


I was working with Structs and the Engine crashed when I connected a Vector to the Vector-Node of a “Make Struct” thingy, since then the project can not be loaded anymore.

I sent a bunch of Bugreports, restarted the launcher, still crashes, no idea what is broken.

Probably something that you guys at Epic should take a look at. (It happens that something breaks, but a whole project getting “rekt” without any kind of warning… that is evil)

Luckily it was only a test-project that got “destroyed”, I will now rebuild it without any structs, loosing your stuff without any warning sucks.

EDIT: I think I managed to hit “compile” or “save” before it crashed, and this probably broke the project. (saving after every bigger change is an old habit from times where the engine liked to crash more frequently than it does today)


Did you test to rebuild your project from source code with visual studio ?

It was/is a Blueprint-Project, no I did not try to.

Its no big deal that it is broken now, but this still is an intrusive Bug that probably has some awkward reason. (just like the last bug that I encountered and reported here)

If the Project would have been a “real” Game I am working on, I would have had multiple backups (including off-site Backups).

You can just find what BP is causing the error by reading the logs in the project folder, then move it out of your project (on your drive).

Yes if you can open you project so, do what cyaoeu say

As cyaoeu mentioned, you can remove the culprit blueprint from your window folder and open up your project. You can even try to then re-add the blueprint to the folder while the editor is open. It might instantly crash or it might crash when you try to open it. But if it does not crash, you can try to fix up whatever is causing the crash (by deleting culprit nodes).

When editing a structure, make sure to do a “Recompile Blueprint” of the blueprint assets where the structure is used.