UE 4.17 blurprint compiling very slow!

Hi, I have a UMG blueprint A and an actor blueprint B. The B blueprint has a A type variable, and created 100+ instances in level. The A UMG blueprint has a B type variable. When I do some changes in the two blueprint and compiling, it take about 2 mins to done, so slow. Seems 4.16 and before have no problem.

Is this a bug?


Try disabling the new Compilation Manager in the Project Settings.

Thank you. I have found it, as you say I unchecked it, the UMG BP compiling more faster, but the actor BP compiling still take about 2 mins to done, after restart editor, it compiles more faster now.

Oh, still have the problem. I just create a actor BP it create some splinemesh through a spline, this BP have 100+ instances in level. I do just only rename a variable and compiling, it still take a bout 2 mins to done( I have disabled the new Compilation Manager), very slow.