UDK version that has no Landscape or Foliage Editor

Hi guys, is my first time here, I’m new and I know I should go with UE4 but my school still using UDK, hope they update soon but it is what I need for now.
So I have a strange question. I am walking trough the internet and downloaded udk from several sites now, but all the versions I got has no Landscape or Foliage editor, they simply are not there, why is it?
So please if you have or know some site I can safely download a versions with this editors (they are what I most need) please shoot me! I’ll be very grateful

Thank you in advance, be blessed.

I can’t remember what all features were in UDK.

Very strange that your school would be stuck with UDK, that’s going to put you at a disadvantage since people aren’t using it anymore and there’s some significant differences compared to UE4.

Try posting in the UDK sub-forum:

… and recommend your school to switch to UE!

Yes I will talk to the school people, but all our materials and books are made from udk, so I guess it will take a while.
Thank you @HavocX will try it!

If you’re paying for those courses I would take a more serious look at whether they’re worth the cost or not–most schools that have some kind of game development degree are terrible and a waste of money. If they’re using UDK and using old books for that then that seems like they just aren’t keeping up and things in this industry change much more quickly than others. They may be reluctant to change but that doesn’t do you any good.