UDK FBX import removes textures from objects.

Hello all, I am using the most up to date blender and attempting to export the UV mapped cardboard box and import it into UDK. However, UDK simply refuses to import textures for the object no matter what options are selected:

Things I have tried:

  • Starting again from scratch.
  • Changing import options (tried both materials and texture import options)
  • I have verified that the FBX is textured by starting a new blender scene and loading it in and it’s textured.

What specifically do i have to do to get it to texture correctly? or even at all?

When you are talking about UDK (Unreal Engine 3), please post your question into the UDK forum: :slight_smile:

In blender I always export the texture manually -> I open the uv editor -> save image. Now you can import the mesh into UDK and after that the texture. Now create a material with the texture and assign it to the mesh