UCrowdFollowingComponent bug?

Hey, I am trying to make my character reash its destination point while avoiding another characters, I have decided to use crowd following component like this on my AI Controller:

    AmyController::AmyController(const FObjectInitializer& ObjectInitializer) :

The character does avoid the others but in a weird way:

As you can see at first it decides to go to the right and immediatly go to the left while slowing its speed and keep looking at the reach point instead facing the walking direction.

I am using MoveToLocation to tell the character to move to the destination. I have read that RVO avoidness should be off so on the character class (Not the controller) I have seted bUseRVOAvoidance to false

    this->GetCharacterMovement()->bUseRVOAvoidance = false;

What can make this happan is there a better way to avoid other characters?


Nobody has an answer? :frowning: