two sets of light maps?

hi, I’m making an archviz project, and I want the best visual quality possible, so static light and baked maps for both skylight and the sun. my question is, can I have two sets of light maps, say I want a noon scene and and evening scene, can I bake light maps for the two situations and then switch between them via some sort of interface? loading times are not a problem.

I suppose I can make two different levels, a noon map, and duplicate it to make an evening map, and then bake light maps for each of them, but the problem with this is that any changes I make to one map I’ll have to replicate on the other map, so having two switchable sets of light maps on the same map would be nice.

is it possible?


Lighting scenario is your friend.

this is precisely what I was hoping, I just didn’t know about it’s existence.

thank you so much