Two problem with Foliage Tool

Hi. I have two problems with foliage tool and i want to ask for your help since im running out of ideas :frowning:

  1. I have problem with disappearing grass. Sometimes when i try to paint on static mesh, grass isn’t showing up. I have to click several times, then press several times magic ctrl+z then grass will eventually show up but it is impossible to paint grass that way :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. And my second problem is that i cannot find option like “paint only on selected static mesh”. I am sure that it is somewhere but i cannot find that.

Thanks and Cheers !

No idea what’s causing the first problem but there is no way to paint on only selected static mesh. You can set it to paint on only static meshes, only landscape or bsp. But not one specific static mesh.

1.even when you set the density to something pretty high? Is there probably something under the mesh? (e.g another mesh or a landscape)
2. you could just paint on something as you always do it - go to the select - select all unneeded meshes -delete them :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, grass isn’t there for 100%. It looks like sometimes (i mean 90% times :stuck_out_tongue: ) paint tool isn’t working at all. I have to do some weird things like “mashing” ctrl+z or someting to make it visible. Problaby that wasn’t meant to work like that :smiley:

  2. I can of course select them manually, but i thought that i will find some fancy tool for that :wink:

  1. which engine version do you use? how does your grass look like? does it also happen in a new project? :slight_smile: -> never experienced that behaviour of the foilage tool

Finally, after two days of fighting with this i managed to make it work. I suppose you will ask how i did this … i don’t have any idea ! For sure i know that i cannot place foliage in isolate mode, i got some problem in lit mode too, but in the end i don’t know what was causing that :confused:

But i hope i won’t encounter it anymore, sorry for all the ruckus about that.

I was left with one problem now. This floating grass: ://i.imgur/5ihs0CL.jpg (i hide wooden fence) Can i somehow delete it faster than selecting them manually by “Select” ?

@anonymous_user_fb796d6c: I have UE 4.7.6

Unfortunately no, you will have to do it with the selection tool. Otherwise use the lasso tool - delete the meshes - disable the static mesh filter - paint over it again :slight_smile:

I understand. Thanks you guys for your help, and let the fun with clicking begin :smiley: