Two Material Functions in a single Material with different shading models

if I wanted to create a snow layer on my character’s hair, how would I do this ?

I have the following:

  • Snow - Material Function
  • Hair Material

If I put the Snow inside of my Hair material, won’t the snow also use the hair shading model ? How would I go about separating the 2 ?

That was an extreme example, but looking to get the same thought process throughout my work, thanks !!

You cannot mix different Shading Models in a single Material.

You are right. Thinking about it more, it doesn’t make much sense from a technical standpoint.

I am just wondering how they got snow onto the hair in Paragon now.

I haven’t even looked at the hair in paragon so don’t consider this an informed opinion but perhaps they just had separate geometry with a different material.

along similar lines maybe different parts of the hair use a different shading model. For example, my understanding is the hair shading model is best suited to individual planes, perhaps they split parts of the hair into subsurface and some into hair.

or maybe they just decided that hair worked well enough for snow and just changed the Base color/roughness