Two maps blend post processing shader


I would like to ask you how to create achieve illusion of two maps blending each other. Thats Ethan’s example of such a result:


Thanks in advance

Any ideas so far? I thought about level streaming used somehow here but dont know how to stream two maps at once in order to mask one.

If I remember correctly, Ethan Carter has like an open world, right? At least for the nature setting. If so, then there’s no need to utilize level streaming; you could basically set up a teleport feature with two target points and then just set up a plane (or any sort of mesh/special effect) and set a render target to it.

For example of render targets: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Basic Camera Feed - YouTube
You can combine this with a very simple teleport system and it will get you close to the effect you are looking for.

Thanks for response! What about performance when rendering dynamic target?

Performance will likely depend on how your scene is set up and how optimized your assets are; you are in fact rendering two areas on screen at once, so how it performs will be on you. When I set up the teleportation/render target hybrid a few months ago, the scene was relatively empty and it ran fine, but then again I only had BSP assets in the scene. So basically, your mileage may vary.