Two beginner questions (Blueprints and engine version)

Hey there, everyone. I’d like to learn Unreal, but I have two questions first (and I apologize if someone has already asked these):

First, how much are blueprints forced on you? I don’t like visual coding unless it’s for something really small, like wiring a door to a button so you can press the button to open the door; things like that. However, it looks like the tutorials only focus on creating games with blueprints instead of C++. Can’t remember where, but I do recall someone else complaining on here because blueprints are pretty much taking over in all aspects of game creation in Unreal (in which case, I’ll find another engine to use).

Second, if I begin learning the engine, which version should I go with? I tried dabbling with it not too long ago, but I realized that the videos that the documentation does have for C++ were made for v4.2 (I think) and are now outdated and no longer work with v4.7. So I thought that I might want to pick an earlier version and stick with it until I learn it before updating to the newest version.

If anyone can offer some answers, it would be much appreciated. Thanks

  1. I personally would choose 4.6, because there the UI still looks the same as in all the tutorials :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, fighter5347. If I choose to learn Unreal, I’ll probably go with that one, then. If anyone could shed some light on how much blueprints are forced (as in, now that blueprints are a thing, am I going to have trouble finding tutorials for C++ development with Unreal, because they’re all focusing on blueprints?), that’d be great.

No, just have a look at Unreal’s YouTube channel. They are adding vids all the time, including C++ tutorials.

Of all the times that I’ve seen the YouTube channel pop up, I’ve never thought that it may offer some videos that aren’t on the website. And I hear they just released around 36 videos today featuring v4.7; that’s good to know. Thanks to both of you!