Two (2) Really General, yet Important questions... For me at Least.

Hi there, I just have two questions…

I have tried to google these things, so either my googling skills suck or there is nothing.

1st Question: How to make a procedurally generated maps in UE4?
- Any Free or not too expensive tools/methods , I don’t have a lot of $$$

2nd Question : How to make water that looks amazing and you can swim in it, with some visual effects when in the water?
- Videos or reading steps will be awesome, or even better , a FBX or project example!! :smiley:

Thanks for reading this , I really Appreciate it :slight_smile:

AAAAAND thanks to anyone who can help me, you are awesome!


1: Currently no real procedural options for map making. Landscape actors aren’t modified during runtime at the moment. There are some voxel projects working somewhat toward this, though - take a look here: GitHub - AndrewScheidecker/BrickGame: A demo of Minecraft-style voxel rendering in UE4

2: Epic recently released a few water examples, though, you would need to add the water effects - caustics, particles/bubbles/light shafts etc currently aren’t implemented officially. The best thing about this though is that you’ve got an awesome community to develop in, and a ton of folks are willing and able to help. One of our moderators, DotCam, is working toward enviromental/atmospheric effects & ocean stuff:

1: Do you mean something like a generated dungeon? Because there is a Twitch record for this and a project in the learn section of the Unreal Engine Launcher called “Strategy Game”.
It is a bit complex and the twitch stream wasn’t that informative, but maybe you can dig into it. It was blueprint only.

No , we are working on a map that will have a few islands, mostly ocean , like stranded deep in some weird way, our game has a HUGE twist though(Can’t say much more :p)

So basically we want every time you play the map to be different… Which I think will be very cool!!

Hm, so, if you mention stranded deep, i think you could just create a few different islands and everytime your play a new map, you spawn them at different locations with different paramters.
But i don’t know if this would work for you since you say it is stranded deep “in some weird way”.

Ok , that is an idea at least, THANKS!!

But now for the water, make it swimmable and with visual effects in the water like fog or something.
When looking into the water you should be able to see through the water but vaguely…

Thanks for the suggestion, will try it out!!

By “some weird way” I mean that our game is in a way like stranded deep but with a twist (not a sci-fi twist though)