[Twitch] Xenome, Tom Looman, and Osman Visit Epic! - Dec 18, 2014 @ 2PM ET

It’s a community Twitch this week, with visitors from all over! Xenome, Tom Looman, and Osman will be joining us in the studio to talk shop! Also, we’ll be going over the many submissions form the December game jam and playing the top games!

Thursday, Dec. 18th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager
James “Xenome" Kaufeldt
Tom Looman
Osman Tsjardiwal

Edit: The YouTube archive is up here](Community Visit & Dec #ue4jam Winners 2014 | News | Unreal Engine - YouTube).

Can’t wait, very much looking forward to visit!

Awesome, very excited to visit the office! Seeing the stream from the other side is going to be interesting :smiley:

Is that from The Wizard of Ozman?


A few weeks ago I reported an issue with shootergame template where all I get when I compile it with UE 4.6 and now 4.6.1 is a black screen. Has there been any progress in fixing this bug and when could we expect to see a revised shootergame template hit the marketplace?

Really glad you guys put these up on youtube afterwards for those of us stuck at work during the stream. =(

This will be… interesting.

Thank you everyone for watching! Thanks Xenome, Tom Looman and Osman! We had a great time hanging out with you all and getting to talk about your ideas! See everyone at the next stream… next year!

Thanks, everyone, that made the stream! We were super stoked to have the guys on. :slight_smile:

any idea when this stream recording will be posted to the you tube channel? I got pulled into a meeting just before i was about to watch it…

On its way up right now actually :slight_smile:

Great because I was looking for it also, stuck at work still.

Is there a Youtube version please ?
(Clicking on the link Twitch its’ a old video)

Try this link out, not on youtube yet though:

Hey there! sorry, been traveling - will try and get the video up and commented within the next couple days :slight_smile: For now, you cna view it via DotCams link above!

Thanks Chance and Dotcams the link works :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post. Got a chance to check it out.

About the Twitch->YT video cross-posting, is that automated, or someone (Chance?) has to do it manually?

Is there a way to make it easier for everyone somehow?