Twitch Streams to YouTube

Hi guys,

I rarely catch the streams due to timezone issues, so I usually try to watch them the next day. However twitch kinda, in a way, really sucks, especially for past broadcasts. It constantly buffers for me and their player is a real PITA.

Luckily the streams are also uploaded to youtube, but for some reason this is always delayed by a couple of days. So I’m stuck between putting up with Twitch or waiting half a week to watch the stream.

I’m not complaining, but is there any reason this is always delayed? Can this not be automated so streams are available a few hours after the stream? As far as I noticed no editing is done, except to cut out the first 5 minutes of countdown timer that appears on twitch.

Anyways, no big deal, but it would be awesome if this could be improved.

PS: the same thing happens for UT streams