Twitch Chatplay Word Game Help... UE 4.19.2 n00b

Good Morning,
I am fairly new to UE4, however been using it and learning for the past year or so and have a pretty good feel for the engine at a basic level. I am working on creating a word game using blueprints. What I would like to accomplish is the following:

  • Predefined words are entered into an Array or Struct (maybe?)
  • Users via Twitch Chat type in a command from the Alphabet (i.e. !a, !b, !c, !e etc) to see if the letter is part of that word or not… that command triggers an event which would reference the array and via a Branch (Maybe) would determine If the letter is part of the array (TRUE/FALSE).
  • IF the letter is part of the word (True), an event happens on screen… i.e. the letter is displayed in the proper location within the word.
  • Then if all letters are entered. The puzzle is solved. YAY!
  • IF the letter is NOT part of the word (False), a different event happens on screen an ACTOR/Animation is triggered.
  • Then if the puzzle is not solved by a random integer of available attempts (Example, puzzle has 15 attempts to try and solve, however the player will not know how many attempts are actually left… so it’s like removing that one Jenga piece that you are scared to remove because it just might be your last attempt) if attempt 15 fails… the character will fall to their death. Game over. Please try again.

Once I have the basics down, I will want to spice it up a bit by adding in additional features/functions but for now I would like to just get this rolling.

  1. Is this the right approach/logic?
  2. Is there a better/different way to approach this?

Thank you in advance for your assistance/help!