[Twitch] 4.6 Roadmap - Oct. 23, 2014

Prefabs have 221 votes in trello but still in backlog, I miss this from day one. Some planing for them.

No. UDK over past years didn’t changed much, because all developers moved to working on UE4.
UI changed quite a bit in UDK when it was still developed. There were added new things, mix and matched C# and C++ (WPF and WxWidgets). The base UI didn’t change much and that is the fact. Neither UE4 base changed much since beta.

I think you really don’t have past game development experience.
UE4 is as stable as game engine can be. Other engines make breaking changes all the time, without looking back.
In game development trying to stay backward compatible means one thing. You hurt engine development, and you hurt end users, by old things polluting code base.

Fortunately game development is the bastion (yet) (along with Linux kernel), where backwards compatibility is not priority. When something needs to be changed, to be better and break other stuff. So be it. Adjust or don’t update to new version.

Yes it can be annoying. But I’d rather have it, than being stuck with rotten code.

Previous versions are unstable to very unstable. McStryker’s post is best example of it.
How many examples do I need to provide? Just look at the thread on the forum and you see for yourself.

I am also of that opinion and the “famous” backward compatibility very often quoted on forums by language lawyers gets on my **** really seriously. So yes, I also rather have better engine which will break few previous things.
This doesn’t change the fact, that at this stage UE4 is at very unstable stage. I don’t remember UDK new releases breaking previous. Because UDK was stable, that’s all there is to it.

It already uses instancing, if you mean batching then yes that would be nice.

Will the latest LPV code from Lionhead make it into 4.6?

Really want to know UE4 has any plans on VR/simulation visualization?:

1.Does UE4 have any plan to support hosting UE4 in .NET Application(ActiveX)?
2.Does UE4 support NVIDIA 3D vision stereo or Quad Buffer support in OpenGL mode?
Here is a reference of the Unigine engine:

When can we expect more control of steamed levels and the world browser using blueprint? IE: Spawning actors into streamed sub-levels, spawning steamed sub-levels at specific transforms, etc.


Add DirectX Stereo support

+1 I second about stereoscopic support should be easy to add now that left/right view support has been setup for Oculus… anyway I think DirectX stereoscopic support should be better as is now GPU vendor dependant like Nvidia 3D vision or AMD HD3D and is support on consumer cards not like sadly OGL quad buffer support…

Also note that Unity is shipping with stereo support (DX also)…
a simple sample is shipping showing how to integrate DX stereo to a DX renderer (…

Only bad thing are is Windows only but anyway we don’t get consumer stereo on other OSes right now and also that is also Windows 8 or newer I believe…

It would be much appreciated if we could get an update regarding Android rendering progress. I am beyond eager to see the platform support improve. I am still having to work with other game engines solely for this reason. My head hurts from all the switching.
The only GPUs I can get any decent lighting out of have been Adreno in my tests.
Malis although both powerful and very popular GPUs still seem to prove nearly impossible to use.

I wish I had the skill and time to try and understand the reasons for this.
I would very much like to ship something with a short dev cycle on the platform in the hopes it would fund work on more complex endevours.

Hello i noticed that Forward shading support (translucency, more shading models) is now in “Wishlist/Backlog” on the UE 4 Roadmap.
I may be wrong but I sort of had in my mind it was orginaly set to November?

When do you think we will see the implementation on this feature?

When is the foliage performance problem getting fixed? Its a huge problem, and sad that unity is so much better in this department

Two words: render layers.
Need it!

Eek I need nice translucency! This just made me finally create an account in Trello just to add my vote.

Its “Retarget Manager” implement on “Manage Retarget Base Pose” can adjust and save while animating rig (without clicking “View Pose”)?

Stability, stability, stability. Without it UE4 remains a toy not a tool.

Alembic support with vertex and transform animation please!

Finished Box2D physics.

Anything that’ll help 2D dev for us indies, so those 2D splines would be awesomeballs.

Generally more better would be better, but I’m sure you guys are on top of things. Any hint to a release date would be nice. Like, put a newspaper next to yous on the next video stream dated with the release date… like a hidden message thing… or set your computer’s date to it when you show your examples… c’mon it’ll be fun! No? Hrmf.

Also more coffee.

Cannot wait for tomorrow!

I would like to see content examples expanded. For example, the Third person shooter example should include shooting and a melee move. This should be updated for BP and C++. Are there any plans to expand the basic demos?


Is there any news about large world support for version 4.6 or beyond?