Twist Bones Not Following Parent Bones in IK Rig

Having a lot of trouble with the twist bones on this rig.
Have tried every possible constraint method. Parent, rotation, aim. I get nothing.
Bones all rotate normally when using FK. Not so much with IK.

Anyone have this happen before? Any Ideas?


Usualy in non-handicapped programs much unlike unreal you are able to set a Pole that the twist bone follows the rotation of.

Because they put over 2 years of work into control rig - and really only because of that - I think you can find some similar option.

Still, since its a biped, break apart a blender rigify rig to figure out what normal people and things do - then try to force unreal into the same thing…

Actually, the problem was so simple, I’m embarrassed.

Primary Axis was set to 0.0 across the board. That will do it.

That happens all the time - axis missmatch is probably the most common thing on rig making of any kind for any application.
Don’t feel bad about it.

And try to remeber it as one of the things to check - you likely won’t, no one does… until its wierd looking :wink: