Twinmotion improvement suggestions

I am realy happy with Twinmotion but i am missing independent X and Y tiling/scaling for the textures and i would like to see a mirror modifier next to move, rotate and scale.
Also I am looking for Twinmotion content, looking forward to some content packs like furniture and more flowers (will buy for sure). But overall Twinmotion is getting a 9 outta 10, I Love it, Its works fast and the result is in HD or 4K, so good enough for my architecture presentations. Thnx for the free offer of Twinmotion already redid my old 3ds max vray projects lol.

Hi Raffie.

Thanks for your feedback, but I’ll ask you to please post your feedback over on our Twinmotion support site:

I’m going to close this post here, since I’d like to make sure all conversation gets routed to the right location.

Thank you